About Me + My Expertise


Elana Weinstein

Opener of…”(Off the Beaten Path)”✨✡️ 🎨 Rooted in Judaism, MACRO Social Worker, Hybrid Professional, Artist, Speaker, Neurodivergent (ADHD)


Hello, I’m Elana.
Nice to see you and be seen.

I work at the intersection of engaging with nonprofit (Jewish and non-Jewish organizations) and “seekers, off the path beaten folx” who wrestle within the older systems we’re called to help. I do this by providing a framework to integrate ourselves into organizational well-being and explore ways to stay true to ourselves, and nurture/cultivate our own growing and learning to make an impact.

I provide a framework to step into and open doors to welcome in, connect, inspire off the beat path individuals in the Jewish community who are craving, yearning for change in the Jewish community and organizational structures that are older

“I’ve done it ALL.” I know what it is like just starting out in this WILD world. I’ve been working for years to identify what role is mine to play at the intersection of Judaism and impact. I know I’m not alone.

Imagine, what our WORLD and our organizations could look like if we worked together, brought in more creativity, spirituality to help enhance and bring more innovation and color into our spaces?!

Throughout my career and life, I believe the universe always knows the way but it really is up to US to harness our POWER, our confidence and let the beauty of who we are come through.

If you also WONDER about this and want to EXPLORE this?!

Let’s CONNECT, DIG-deep into the ROOTS of what you have always know, who you’ve always known to be true. Let’s connect, co-create, and “awaken spirit!” When we do this we can really help heal the world “tikkun olam.”

If you feel called to, please DM me so we can chat further!