What Can We Learn From the Trees?

Eitz Haim Hi? עץ חיים היא https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFeTBV4JSNk In Jewish tradition, the "Tree of Life," is a symbol that I feel very strongly tied to, for many reasons. A significant reason is my name Elana, in Hebrew means; "tree" or "oak tree." Oak trees are mighty, giant trees known for their sacred wisdom, unyielding strength and… Continue reading What Can We Learn From the Trees?

Counting the Omer Within…ME

Here is my reflection on my experience on Counting the Omer, a spiritual practice in Judaism that we observe from Passover to Shavuot Before diving deeper into "Counting the Omer and what this all means, " I need to take sometime to reflect how this all came to be and why it has taken me… Continue reading Counting the Omer Within…ME

All the Systems…so broken, disconnected, so little time…and so much to do

I wrote this several months ago and now giving myself permission to share it. Systems broken.....more apparent than ever before (CO-Vid 19) March 2020 when the world started to wake up and people started open their eyes Let's bring it back to 2007 (when this all kinda began): Originally an Art Education major. I was… Continue reading All the Systems…so broken, disconnected, so little time…and so much to do


New Orleans Funeral March Poem: The gathering of community under a white tent, a haven, a sacred place The voices of children shouting, and crying fills the room with a thousand trumpets The gentle touch of a friendly face, the love that fills our bellies and smiles that hurt our face It is time. It… Continue reading Tishrei

What can Av teach us?

Disclaimer: I am no religious expert, these are just my thoughts...and I hope this brings a different perspective + overall creates more dialogue around this concept. Today is August 1st, our country is on fire, more and more people are dying because of COVID-19; a virus that is making us question everything: How did we… Continue reading What can Av teach us?