Trusting the Divine + Within (ELUL Part 1)

How can we love ourselves?

Let go- Frou Frou

What does it mean to fully TRUST the universe?

How can we when things are without our control?

What can we control?

Looking at the Jewish calendar, we’re in this time called, “Elul,” it can be recognized by referencing, Ani l’dodi v’dodi li, “I am to my beloved, and my beloved is to me” (Song of Songs 6:3). Elul can be seen to hold space in those we hold most dearly; our relationships with ourselves, with those we love, animals we care for and the divine.

The Trees, The Leaves: What can they teach us?

In MI, the colors change from green to red, to orange, to yellow and a mixure of sorts. The air changes, the pace of life shifts to a more “chill and introspective state” For me, this time of year is my absolute favorite. I feel a shift happen across my body; in my mind, spirit, deep in my bones and heart. I am ready to shed the past, I am ready to trust, I am ready to LET GO of control and trust.

In CO, it can be different but I see it as a truly magical and divine blessing. (2016) Kenosha Pass: As I hike into the trailhead, dark, lush pine trees are seen guarding the aspens. I meet my beloved “fields of gold” and my beloved whispers in my ear; strength, determination and ease.

Here is a poem mash-up I am trying after attending this workshop this morning on Creativity and Grief (it was beyond powerful):

A Re-Telling Poem:

When we’re mandated to wear shields to protect ourselves and strangers from the invisible virus

We’ll remember how good it feels to see a reassuring smile, crooked and all

When trees are gasping for air with wildfire ash raging through their lungs

We’ll embrace every drop and jump through all the puddles

When the sun is a red orange color and the sky smells like a campfire

We’ll snuggle under the stars in our tents on a clear beautiful and chill night

When young black lives continue to be just a hashtag and an IG story

We’ll inspire, educate and show youth that their life is for a blessing

When Mother Earth is telling us “enough is enough”

We’ll plant seeds of hope that build the strongest and mightiest oak trees

When we are not able to have a lively, upbeat red rocks summer

We’ll cheer on our favorite musicians releasing their best records yet from zoom screens to IG

When the world is hibernating in an uncertain slumber for nearly half a year

We’ll fill our bellies with butterflies of hope, unity and love

When our nation is hanging by an invisible string of justice, in the face of hate

We’ll knit a masterpiece from every corner of the world to every lake, mountain top, and sea to shining sea

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