All the Systems…so broken, disconnected, so little time…and so much to do

I wrote this several months ago and now giving myself permission to share it.

Systems broken…..more apparent than ever before (CO-Vid 19) March 2020 when the world started to wake up and people started open their eyes

Let’s bring it back to 2007 (when this all kinda began): Originally an Art Education major. I was excited and eager to grow as an Artist. End of Sophomore year,  I was craving something to give me that SPARK.  Something was missing and art wasn’t doing what it used to do for me. I was spending much of my time, with all-nighters and staying up to get drawing assignments done. I was stressed. I was depressed. I was searching for something.

During a low-ish, uncertain time in my life. I stumbled upon an Alternative Spring Break trip with EMU Hillel to help build houses and give families who survived Hurricane Katrina (a place to call their own). A home.

Little did I know, there were programs that youth could participate in, to gain real world experience and make a difference in the world. I guess I would try it, I told myself and at least I’d meet cool people, right?!

When we first arrived to Overtown Miami, FL: it more or less was another world. My eyes opened.

Here are some throwback pictures to make it real and Ohhh the Nostalgia!


Growing up, I grew up in the suburbs of Metro Detroit area. I never had to worry about when I would eat, if there was enough food. I never had to worry about if I would be cold or too warm due to heating or cooling issues. I never had to worry about the clothing I wore or if my clothes would be clean or not. I grew up with a lot or privilege and this is not bashing my childhood whatsoever, it is painting a picture of the reality I faced and how involved and active I have become over the years.

Ever since I joined the field of Social Work and chose to dedicate my time + energy to helping others. I have noticed similar observations and patterns in every position I have been in thus far.

Wrap-around Services: 

Coordinating Care: What’s that? 

Case Management:


In order for someone to find resources, they must be skilled, Outreach is #1

Human Services/Social Services/Nonprofits: Is comprised of a large network of trained professionals

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