As the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is in utter panic, isolation, lock down, complete uncertainty. I felt like this was good time of any, to start blogging again. Plus, I want something to refer back to and remember what this time was like. So here it goes…

About a week ago, there were reports that this thing called COVID-19 (a respiratory virus; worse than anything we have seen in 100+ years) was circling the globe. At first, I didn’t think much of it. I scheduled dates to look forward to and was planning on going to the mountains for spring break. I went about my day. The world moved on.

Fast forward to today, a lot has changed. In CO and much across the country, we’re not able to physically see each-other. This means, no going out to bars or restaurants, no meeting new people for dates, no gym, no hot yoga, no getting our hair or nails done. nothing. Thankfully, we can still go out for essential items like medicine, food, etc.

In addition, all schools are CLOSED until April 17 (many folx are saying it will be longer). The school I work at is in a very unique position, we’re already primarily online so adjusting to student needs is already in place. Since it’s spring break and we have now been told that it is extended to March 27th.

How do I spend my days and my time you ask? Currently, I am on FB a lot. I know it’s not great to be on social media so much but since I am not able to be physically distant with other people…this is what will become the “new normal.” Thankfully, I randomly joined a FB group and have since taken on some admin type role within it.

The group was started on March 12th. It was started by two awesome ladies when they felt like they wanted to do more with everything shutting down and knew people needed help. They were so right, the group is at 6K and growing by the minute.  It really is incredible and beautiful to connect with people that I may have never connected with before. The universe shifts, creating opportunities like this.  Technology is a big thing that is saving us all. It is giving us access to communicate virtually without every meeting anyone in person, perfect strangers.

We’re truly in such a weird, strange time but this is something worth sharing. I want to take a moment for gratitude and for having this moment.

Some take-aways: We need to give ourselves permission to SLOW DOWN. I am trying to learn how to be okay with taking breaks, with taking days off to cry or hibernate. To feel weird. To feel tired. To feel depressed. To feel isolated. To LEAN IN to uncertainty. To the unknown. To also remember this is temporary. To remember. We are all going through this. Also, music is everything. I have been listening to the usual jams: Trevor Hall, Mikey Pauker, Nahko and Medicine for the People, super chill/spiritual songs.

NAHKO, medicine. The whole NEW album and his older stuff is always very healing for me.

Trevor Hall, more medicine

Mikey Pauker, give him a listen (it’s quite healing) more medicine…

Dan Nichols to bring us into S h a b b a t

Until next time, BE HUMAN. Shabbat Shalom.

Screenshot for memories:

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 11.54.28 AM

Here’s some Q’s I am going to post to REFLECT on, perhaps it will inspire you do the same90064237_3186967947982217_3880601611629756416_n

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