Even after a tragedy of someone passing, the world still moves on….

The strange reality is that although we’re living, breathing, and enjoying this world is that nothing is certain and nothing is completely guaranteed. In a second, our lives could all change.

As I grow into this proud woman that I am becoming and have become, I am realizing more and more that I must live this live to the fullest every single day. Yes, it is really hard. Some days I just want to sleep and not contribute or help solve all these broken systems-but I can’t. It’s crazy to think how people who just simply let their lives pass them by and don’t do as much good as they could do..will live to be 100 or more. Life isn’t fair but like people have said lately to me, things like this happen (amazing incredible people (angels) come into this world to bring more peace into it at the right time and sometimes they are here for a moment and sometimes they are here for years. We have the power to be those angels, to bring more peace and love into this world and for this time I have here on earth, I will continue to spread light and peace into the homes and hearts of those who need it most.

Today, when the world is really hurting, I can tell because the weather is awful and it keeps raining and constant gloominess. The unfortunate thing that I want to focus on for my blog post tonight is that a woman who has contributed to this world, made her mark and made the world a better place passed away this week. It kills me that someone so incredible who I didn’t personally get the opportunity to meet- I will never meet here on earth but perhaps we will meet beyond earth. A woman by the name of Rachel Jacobs who I didn’t know personally passed away this week in a tragic accident that is beyond explanation. She was heading home to her husband and 2 year old son when the amtrak she was on back to Philly de-railed and tipped over completely. I can’t imagine what she was thinking about before she was seriously hurt, I can imagine that she was thrilled to be going home. Before this awful tragedy, I heard of her here and there growing up in the same community she was from the Metropolitan Detroit-Jewish community. It’s very possible that I might have met her briefly or seen her in passing at some point but I wish I would have been able to spend time with her and get to know her. Rachel, like me is someone who has a passion for using her hands, heart and voice to help make the world a better place. I definitely agree that it has to do with how i was raised and how I see myself as a Jew. Yesterday, I connected with a few people I know who knew her and wanted to reach out to them to show that I was there for them. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and the mark she left on the world that I spoke to my mom about how upset I was. She suggested that I write a letter to the family expressing how inspired I am from what she did and how I would like to help carry on. Here’s an article that showcases Rachel and her life’s work:

Profound Impact


The best way we can honor people who pass away is to be more of who we are:

-to be more grateful

-to be more mindful of the good we put into the world

-to tell our loved ones we love them

– to appreciate where we came from and those who came before us

-to share their mission, vision and zest for life

-to shake off the small stuff

-to breathe and appreciate being alive

*May we all become better people because she was in this world*

Healing Prayers Peace & Love,


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